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Examples of 'contravene' in a Sentence

1. The proposed policy changes would contravene the rights of marginalized communities.
2. The actions of the rebel group contravene international treaties.
3. The company's advertising campaign contravenes the regulations regarding false claims.
4. The new law is believed to contravene the constitution.
5. The company's practices contravene ethical guidelines.
6. The proposed legislation contravenes the principles of democracy.
7. It is important to ensure that our actions do not contravene human rights.
8. The school's dress code contravenes students' freedom of expression.
9. The government's decision to increase taxes contravenes its promise of reducing the burden on citizens.
10. The company's decision to pollute the river contravenes environmental protection laws.
11. The athlete's use of banned substances contravenes the rules of fair play.
12. The construction project contravenes zoning regulations.
13. The company's monopoly in the market contravenes anti-trust laws.
14. The order was contravened by the disobedient soldier.

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