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Examples of 'contribution' in a Sentence

1. The organization recognized his outstanding contributions with an award.
2. We encourage everyone to make a contribution, no matter how small.
3. The professor's contributions to the academic community are widely recognized.
4. The foundation depends on charitable contributions to carry out its mission.
5. Your contribution to the project has been invaluable.
6. Her contribution to the charity gala was both generous and heartfelt.
7. The team celebrated his outstanding contribution to the project.
8. Environmental conservation relies on the collective contribution of individuals.
9. The company recognized her significant contribution to its success.
10. Innovation is the key to making a meaningful contribution to society.
11. Teachers make an invaluable contribution to shaping young minds.
12. His financial contribution helped fund the community center's renovation.
13. The artist's unique contribution to the exhibit was truly exceptional.
14. We appreciate your ongoing contribution to our volunteer program.
15. Scientific research depends on collaboration and shared contributions.
16. The professor's book is a seminal contribution to the field of psychology.
17. Employee recognition programs motivate staff to increase their contributions.
18. Volunteers play a vital role in the organization's contribution to society.
19. Her artistic contribution to the school mural brightened up the hallway.
20. Philanthropic contributions have a lasting impact on local communities.
21. Teamwork enhances the quality and diversity of contributions.
22. Your expertise is a valuable contribution to our advisory board.
23. Social media can amplify the reach of your charitable contributions.
24. Each student's unique contribution to the project enriched the outcome.
25. The community's collective contribution to disaster relief was inspiring.

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