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Examples of 'contrite' in a Sentence

1. The contrite employee acknowledged his error, promising to rectify the situation and learn from his mistakes.
2. As the contrite politician addressed the public, he admitted his wrongdoings and vowed to rebuild trust through transparency.
3. The contrite thief, haunted by guilt, decided to return the stolen artifacts, hoping to undo the damage caused.
4. Their contrite faces reflected the remorse they felt for their actions, and they vowed to never repeat the same mistakes.
5. Even though it took time, he finally found the courage to face his contrite past and seek forgiveness from those he had wronged.
6. He appeared contrite after realizing the impact of his words on his friend.
7. The contrite student apologized for his tardiness to the teacher.
8. Her contrite confession about her mistake earned her forgiveness from her supervisor.
9. After breaking the vase, he felt contrite and offered to replace it.
10. The contrite athlete took full responsibility for his team's loss.
11. The contrite customer was given a refund after complaining about the defective product.
12. She was contrite about missing her friend's important event.
13. His contrite tone during the apology showed genuine remorse.
14. The contrite child promised not to misbehave again.
15. The contrite employee promised to work diligently to make up for his mistakes.
16. Her contrite letter expressed deep regret for the misunderstanding.
17. The contrite driver admitted fault and exchanged insurance information.
18. The contrite student volunteered to help clean up the classroom after making a mess.
19. The contrite chef offered a complimentary dessert to make amends for the overcooked steak.
20. Despite her contrite attitude, rebuilding trust would take time.
21. The contrite traveler reimbursed the hotel for the accidental damage.
22. The contrite politician publicly apologized for the scandal.
23. The contrite musician apologized to the audience for the technical difficulties.
24. The contrite actor admitted his mistake and promised to improve his performance.

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