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Examples of 'contrive' in a Sentence

1. The engineers contrive machines to explore other planets.
2. The politicians contrive strategies to win the election.
3. She tries to contrive solutions that benefit everyone involved.
4. To make the puzzle more challenging, he'll contrive new clues.
5. Sometimes artists contrive their works to evoke certain emotions.
6. The chef has to contrive a special menu for the event.
7. The group of friends will contrive a scheme to raise funds for charity.
8. We must contrive a way to store renewable energy efficiently.
9. Can you contrive a contraption that makes laundry easier?
10. The writer likes to contrive intricate plots for his novels.
11. The students will contrive an experiment for the science fair.
12. I need to contrive a better organization system for my files.
13. The event organizer will contrive activities that are both fun and educational.
14. The thief contrived a scheme to steal the valuable painting.

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