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Examples of 'controversial' in a Sentence

1. The controversial policy change divided the members of the committee.
2. The controversial celebrity interview generated a lot of buzz in the media.
3. The unveiling of the controversial statue in the town square has become a lightning rod for public debate.
4. The new education policy has been described as controversial, drawing sharp criticism from both parents and teachers alike.
5. A controversial film that delves into political corruption has garnered both acclaim and censure from various quarters.
6. Despite being a controversial figure, the artist's work continues to be exhibited in major galleries around the world.
7. The research paper has sparked a controversial discussion in the scientific community, dividing experts on its validity.
8. Many consider the politician's use of social media to be controversial, often causing more harm than good.
9. The controversial decision to close down the local hospital has outraged community members who rely on its services.
10. Due to its controversial subject matter, the book has been banned in several countries, causing an international uproar.
11. Implementing a controversial surveillance system in public places has led to debates about privacy and civil liberties.
12. Critics argue that the controversial legislation disproportionately affects marginalized communities.
13. The celebrity's controversial endorsement of a controversial product has drawn both ire and intrigue from the public.
14. The controversial proposal to build a dam near the indigenous community has raised environmental and ethical concerns.
15. Though the exhibit features controversial artworks, it has been praised for pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.
16. While some argue that the controversial law is necessary for public safety, others see it as a violation of constitutional rights.
17. A highly controversial decision by the referee in the final moments of the game has left fans divided and angry.
18. The musician's controversial lyrics have been the subject of countless think pieces, debates, and social media storms.
19. This particular religious leader is known for his controversial views that challenge mainstream theological positions.
20. The construction of a controversial pipeline has led to widespread protests, legal battles, and public discourse.
21. The academic's controversial theories have prompted a reevaluation of long-standing beliefs in the field.
22. The artist's work is known for being controversial and provocative.

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