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Examples of 'controvert' in a Sentence

1. The detective was able to controvert the suspect's alibi by presenting new evidence.
2. The debate team prepared extensively to be able to controvert any arguments made by their opponents.
3. It is important to listen to and understand the arguments of those who controvert our beliefs.
4. Even after the judge's ruling, there were those who sought to controvert the decision.
5. The historian had to controvert the popular narrative by presenting newly discovered documents.
6. It is common for politicians to controvert the policies proposed by their opponents.
7. The scientist was able to controvert the prevailing theory by conducting a series of experiments.
8. Many great thinkers have been able to controvert widely accepted beliefs and usher in a new era of understanding.
9. The activist sought to controvert the government's stance on the issue by organizing protests and rallies.
10. The economist was able to controvert the popular belief by presenting data from various countries.
11. It is not enough to simply controvert an argument; one must also present a well-reasoned alternative.
12. The teacher encouraged the students to controvert the ideas presented in the textbook and form their own opinions.
13. In order to controvert the opposing side's arguments, it is important to understand them thoroughly.
14. The scholars will controvert the controversial theory during the conference.
15. They decided to controvert his claims with compelling evidence.
16. The heated debate will controvert longstanding beliefs about climate change.
17. Experts often controvert each other's opinions in the scientific community.
18. The lawyer attempted to controvert the witness's testimony in court.
19. In politics, candidates frequently controvert their opponents' policies.
20. He was ready to controvert any objections to his innovative proposal.
21. The philosopher's ideas continue to controvert conventional wisdom.
22. The journalists aimed to controvert the official narrative with investigative reporting.
23. Social media platforms are filled with users eager to controvert various viewpoints.
24. Scholars use rigorous research to controvert prevailing misconceptions.


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