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Examples of 'convention' in a Sentence


1. The political convention brought together delegates from different regions to discuss party policies.
2. I attended a cosplay convention and dressed up as my favorite anime character.
3. The convention offered informative workshops and panel discussions on sustainable living.
4. The comic book convention was a paradise for comic enthusiasts, with rare editions and collectibles on display.
5. The convention organizers arranged a gala dinner as a finale to the event, celebrating the participants' achievements.
6. The annual convention attracted thousands of industry experts.
7. Attendees eagerly anticipated the technology convention.
8. The medical convention featured groundbreaking research.
9. She presented her research at the science convention.
10. The convention center buzzed with excitement.
11. The convention hall was filled with eager participants.
12. Politicians gathered for the party's national convention.
13. The comic convention showcased famous superheroes.
14. The convention highlighted environmental concerns.
15. Authors signed books at the literary convention.
16. The gaming convention drew enthusiastic gamers.
17. The convention fostered networking opportunities.
18. The convention center hosted a trade show.
19. The convention explored future trends in education.
20. The convention's keynote speaker was inspiring.
21. Engineers shared innovations at the tech convention.
22. The convention was a hub for creative minds.
23. The convention united professionals in the field.
24. The convention promoted diversity and inclusion.
25. Researchers exchanged ideas at the convention.

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