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Examples of 'convex' in a Sentence

1. I could see my distorted reflection in the convex security mirror at the store.
2. The telescope's convex lens gathers more light and allows for a clearer view of distant stars.
3. The elegant chandelier featured small convex crystals hanging from its arms.
4. The artist incorporated a convex shape in his sculpture to add depth and interest.
5. The convex hull is a mathematical concept used in computational geometry.
6. Her necklace had a beautiful convex gem that sparkled in the light.
7. The convex shape of the car's fender gave it a sleek and aerodynamic look.
8. He used a convex mold to create a unique pattern on the pottery.
9. The convex screen of the old television set made the image seem slightly warped.
10. The satellite dish had a convex surface to collect signals efficiently.
11. They noticed the convex curvature in the old book’s pages due to humidity.
12. The designer used convex buttons on the coat for a stylish touch.
13. The convex trim around the frame added a classic touch to the mirror.
14. The playground slide had a convex shape, making it more fun for the children.

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