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Examples of 'conveyance' in a Sentence

1. The conveyor belt moved goods along the assembly line.
2. The gondola served as a picturesque conveyance in Venice.
3. The high-speed train is a modern marvel of conveyance.
4. The drone revolutionized aerial conveyance for deliveries.
5. The tram provided convenient inner-city conveyance.
6. The ferry was the primary conveyance to the island.
7. The monorail was an innovative urban conveyance solution.
8. The rickshaw was a traditional conveyance in Asia.
9. The cable car offered breathtaking mountain conveyance.
10. The cargo plane was a swift aerial conveyance for goods.
11. The teleporter was a fictional mode of conveyance in sci-fi.
12. The hovercraft was an amphibious military conveyance.
13. The caravan served as a mobile home and conveyance.
14. The spacecraft represented humanity's ultimate conveyance to the stars.
15. The airplane was a fast and efficient conveyance for our overseas trip.
16. The shipping company's conveyance of the cargo was delayed due to bad weather.
17. The conveyance of goods by train is a cost-effective option for long distances.
18. The deed of conveyance was signed by both parties to transfer ownership of the property.
19. The canoe was a traditional conveyance for the indigenous people.
20. The horse-drawn carriage was a popular conveyance in the 19th century.
21. The conveyance of the message was lost in translation.
22. The school bus is the primary conveyance for many students in rural areas.
23. The driver of the conveyance was responsible for ensuring the safety of the passengers.
24. The conveyance of the package was tracked from start to finish.
25. The high-speed train is a modern and comfortable conveyance for commuters.

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