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Examples of 'conviction' in a Sentence

1. The speaker's passionate words left a lasting conviction in the audience's minds.
2. The book left a profound impression due to its emotional conviction.
3. The politician's heartfelt conviction resonated with his supporters.
4. The filmmaker's conviction to tell authentic stories was evident in her work.
5. Her conviction in the importance of education inspired her to start a scholarship fund.
6. The scientist's research was driven by his deep conviction in its potential impact.
7. Despite skepticism, his conviction in his theory led to groundbreaking discoveries.
8. Her conviction in the power of kindness influenced her philanthropic efforts.
9. The athlete's strong conviction propelled him to break records.
10. The writer's conviction in her message was evident in her persuasive essay.
11. The teacher's conviction that every student could succeed motivated her teaching approach.
12. The artist's paintings reflected her inner convictions and emotions.
13. His conviction that honesty was the best policy guided his ethical choices.
14. Her conviction in her beliefs made her stand up for what she believed in, even in the face of opposition.
15. Conviction is an essential quality for leaders who want to inspire others and effect change.
16. His conviction for the crime was based on strong evidence presented at trial.
17. Personal conviction can be a driving force in people's lives, leading them to make meaningful choices.
18. The strength of her conviction was evident in the passion with which she spoke about her cause.
19. Conviction can be both a source of inspiration and a source of conflict in personal and professional relationships.
20. The judge imposed a heavy sentence based on the severity of the defendant's conviction.
21. Conviction can be influenced by a variety of factors, including upbringing, culture, and personal experience.
22. Her conviction in her artistic vision allowed her to create a unique and compelling body of work.
23. Conviction is an important component of moral and ethical decision-making.
24. Conviction can lead people to take bold and sometimes risky actions in pursuit of their goals.

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