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Examples of 'convince' in a Sentence

1. The environmentalist aimed to convince people to reduce their carbon footprint through education and awareness campaigns.
2. The advertisement employed catchy slogans and vibrant visuals to convince consumers to purchase the product.
3. The parents held a family meeting to convince their children to contribute to household chores.
4. The scientist conducted experiments and gathered data to convince her peers of her groundbreaking discovery.
5. The coach delivered an inspiring speech to convince the team that they could win the championship.
6. She used compelling arguments to convince the jury of his innocence.
7. It took hours of debate to finally convince them to change their minds.
8. Can you convince your team to support this innovative project?
9. Her passionate speech managed to convince even the skeptics.
10. The evidence presented in court failed to convince the judge.
11. I'll do my best to convince them to join our cause.
12. He struggled to convince his parents to let him go on the trip.
13. The charismatic leader can convince almost anyone to follow.
14. We must convince the board to approve the budget increase.
15. His persuasive skills can convince anyone to buy his product.
16. I need to convince my colleagues to adopt this new software.
17. Her dedication to the project helped convince the investors.
18. She tried hard to convince him, but he remained stubborn.
19. It's essential to convince the public to support this initiative.
20. The data will likely convince them to change their strategy.
21. They used emotional appeals to convince the audience.
22. Can you convince your friends to come to the event?
23. His charm can easily convince people to do what he wants.
24. Convincing them to collaborate was a significant achievement.


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