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Examples of 'convivial' in a Sentence

1. A convivial chat by the fireplace added coziness to the evening.
2. The convivial spirit of the holiday season filled the air.
3. The conviviality of the group made the trip enjoyable.
4. A convivial brunch with colleagues promoted team bonding.
5. The convivial laughter echoed through the garden party.
6. Their convivial banter enlivened the long car ride.
7. A convivial family reunion fostered cherished memories.
8. The conviviality of the team-building retreat strengthened connections.
9. The convivial chatter at the café was infectious.
10. A convivial evening of board games brought friends closer.
11. The convivial exchange of stories enhanced the storytelling event.
12. A convivial toast marked the beginning of the celebration.
13. The convivial nature of the neighborhood block party united residents.
14. A convivial gathering around the campfire created lasting friendships.
15. The conviviality of the book club discussions deepened understanding.
16. A convivial karaoke night had everyone singing their hearts out.
17. The conviviality of the wedding reception warmed hearts.
18. A convivial barbecue in the backyard celebrated summer.
19. The convivial crowd at the music festival danced the night away.

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