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Examples of 'convoy' in a Sentence

1. The convoy of antique cars in the parade was a sight to behold.
2. The supply convoy was ambushed, and the goods were confiscated.
3. During World War II, convoys were used to protect merchant ships from submarine attacks.
4. The refugee convoy stretched for miles, as people fled the war-torn region.
5. The convoy of electric vehicles showcased the advancements in green technology.
6. The motorcycle club’s convoy was so long that it took ten minutes to pass.
7. The local farmers formed a tractor convoy to protest the new agricultural laws.
8. The slow-moving construction convoy caused a traffic jam on the highway.
9. The convoy of humanitarian aid reached the camp, bringing relief to the displaced families.
10. They set up a convoy system to transport goods across the desert efficiently.
11. The night sky was lit by the headlights of the convoy traversing the mountain path.
12. The tourist convoy was guided by a local expert through the wildlife reserve.
13. The fuel tanker in the convoy exploded, causing a massive fire.
14. The astronauts in the space convoy prepared for the next phase of their mission.


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