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Examples of 'coolness' in a Sentence

1. The coolness of her response indicated that she was unfazed by the criticism.
2. The coolness of his tone revealed his disinterest in the conversation.
3. The coolness of the night air invigorated her during the evening stroll.
4. His sunglasses added an extra touch of coolness to his overall look.
5. The coolness of the metal bench made sitting outside enjoyable even on a warm day.
6. The coolness of the breeze on a hot summer day is truly refreshing.
7. His calm demeanor exudes an aura of coolness that's hard to ignore.
8. The coolness of her response surprised everyone in the room.
9. The coolness of the night settled over the city like a soothing blanket.
10. Finding a balance between confidence and humility is the essence of coolness.
11. The coolness of technology has transformed our daily lives in countless ways.
12. His laid-back attitude adds a touch of coolness to any situation.
13. The coolness of the ocean waves provided solace to her troubled mind.
14. The coolness of a well-crafted cocktail is a treat after a long day.
15. In the world of fashion, he's a true icon of coolness and style.
16. The coolness of an ice cream cone on a hot day is pure bliss.
17. Her composure in stressful situations is a testament to her coolness.
18. Coolness under pressure is a valuable trait in any profession.
19. The coolness of a mountain stream is a welcome respite during a hike.
20. His effortless coolness makes him the life of every party.
21. The coolness of the moonlit night created a sense of enchantment.
22. Embracing change with grace is a mark of true coolness.
23. The coolness of the morning air invigorates the senses.
24. His quick thinking and calm demeanor define his coolness in a crisis.
25. The coolness of jazz music can transport you to another world.

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