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Examples of 'cooperate' in a Sentence

1. The departments collaborated and cooperated to organize a successful company event.
2. The researchers from different disciplines decided to cooperate on a joint research project.
3. The neighbors decided to cooperate in maintaining a clean and safe neighborhood.
4. The organizations cooperated in providing aid and resources to the disaster-stricken region.
5. The parents and teachers must cooperate to create a supportive learning environment for the students.
6. To succeed, we must cooperate and pool our talents.
7. Businesses thrive when employees cooperate effectively.
8. Cooperation fosters innovation and problem-solving.
9. They decided to cooperate on the project to save time.
10. In sports, teamwork requires players to cooperate seamlessly.
11. Nations must cooperate to address global challenges.
12. Let's cooperate to create a better future for all.
13. Team members must cooperate for project success.
14. Cooperation among competitors can benefit consumers.
15. Families should cooperate to maintain harmony.
16. Diplomacy often involves countries cooperating on issues.
17. Students must cooperate for a successful group project.
18. To achieve greatness, artists often cooperate.
19. Cooperation leads to efficient resource utilization.
20. International organizations aim to promote cooperation.
21. Successful marriages thrive on mutual cooperation.
22. Neighbors should cooperate for a peaceful community.
23. Scientists from around the world cooperate on research.
24. Cooperate and we can overcome any obstacle.
25. It's essential for governments to cooperate on climate issues.


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