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Examples of 'coordinate' in a Sentence

1. The conductor uses his baton to coordinate the orchestra, ensuring they all play in harmony.
2. To avoid traffic, the city should coordinate the timings of the traffic lights during rush hour.
3. The teachers coordinate with parents to keep them informed about their children's progress in school.
4. The GPS system uses satellites to coordinate your position and provide accurate navigation.
5. The software helps businesses to coordinate tasks and resources for more efficient project management.
6. She had to coordinate the event logistics meticulously.
7. Effective leaders can coordinate diverse teams.
8. To succeed, we must coordinate our efforts seamlessly.
9. They worked together to coordinate the project timeline.
10. Coordinating schedules for the team was a challenge.
11. Properly coordinate resources for maximum efficiency.
12. He will coordinate the volunteers for the charity event.
13. Coordination among departments ensures smooth operations.
14. Our goal is to coordinate all aspects of the campaign.
15. Coordinating the details is crucial for project success.
16. Let's coordinate our efforts for a stronger impact.
17. Coordination requires clear communication and planning.
18. The manager will coordinate the cross-functional teams.
19. Their ability to coordinate tasks impressed everyone.
20. We need to coordinate the marketing strategy carefully.
21. She worked tirelessly to coordinate the conference.
22. Team leaders must coordinate their actions effectively.
23. Coordination among stakeholders is essential for progress.
24. They aim to coordinate efforts for environmental change.
25. Coordination is the key to a successful operation.

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