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Examples of 'copious' in a Sentence

1. The teacher gave copious amounts of homework, leaving the students feeling overwhelmed.
2. The river had a copious flow of water, making it difficult to cross on foot.
3. The artist used copious amounts of paint to create the vibrant masterpiece.
4. The student took copious notes during the lecture to ensure that they understood the material.
5. The scientist collected copious amounts of data in their experiment.
6. The company produced copious amounts of goods, making it a leading supplier in the industry.
7. The rain caused copious amounts of flooding in the low-lying areas.
8. The singer had a copious amount of talent, making them a popular performer.
9. The teacher provided copious feedback on the students' essays, helping them to improve their writing.
10. The farmer harvested copious amounts of produce from the bountiful garden.
11. The researcher gathered copious amounts of information from various sources for their study.
12. The company offered copious amounts of benefits to their employees, making it a desirable place to work.
13. Her copious notes filled several notebooks from the semester.
14. The garden produced copious amounts of ripe tomatoes.
15. The library held copious volumes of historical texts.
16. After the rain, copious puddles formed on the streets.
17. His copious research contributed to the groundbreaking paper.
18. The chef used copious herbs to season the dish.
19. The author's copious writing filled countless pages.
20. The storm brought copious amounts of snow to the region.
21. The lecture provided copious insights into the topic.
22. The factory generated copious amounts of waste.
23. The detective reviewed copious clues to solve the case.
24. Copious rainfall rejuvenated the drought-stricken farmland.

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