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Examples of 'copulate' in a Sentence

1. Frogs typically copulate in water, where the female can lay her eggs.
2. Some spiders offer gifts to females to copulate.
3. The rabbits will copulate frequently to ensure a large litter.
4. Farmers ensure that cows and bulls copulate to sustain their livestock numbers.
5. Did you know that earthworms copulate by exchanging sperm?
6. In springtime, one can observe various bird species copulate.
7. The researchers filmed the two insects to study how they copulate.
8. Certain reptiles copulate by aligning their cloacal openings.
9. It’s important for animals in conservation programs to copulate to increase their population.
10. The queen bee will copulate with multiple drones before she starts laying eggs.
11. The two dragonflies copulate while in flight.
12. Fish in aquariums often copulate if the conditions are right.
13. The animal behaviorist is studying how different species of primates copulate.
14. It’s common for certain species of snakes to copulate in large groups.

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