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Examples of 'cornice' in a Sentence

1. The exterior of the mansion featured a stately stone cornice that added to its grandeur.
2. The interior designer chose a neutral color for the cornice to complement the room's décor.
3. The cornice served as a decorative border between the walls and the ceiling.
4. The museum displayed a collection of historical cornices from different architectural eras.
5. The cornice molding provided a finishing touch to the room's sophisticated ambiance.
6. The art gallery's minimalist design was enhanced by the clean lines of the cornice.
7. The cornice on the theatre's façade was beautifully lit up at night, attracting attention.
8. The building's entrance featured a stunning cornice with intricate floral patterns.
9. The craftsman carefully crafted the wooden cornice using traditional techniques.
10. The building's façade was characterized by its imposing stone cornice.
11. The cornice acted as a visual transition between the ceiling and the walls.
12. The historical preservation committee worked to protect the city's heritage cornices.
13. The luxurious penthouse boasted a gold-painted cornice that exuded opulence.
14. The architect incorporated a curved cornice to soften the sharp angles of the building's exterior.

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