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Examples of 'coronation' in a Sentence

1. We watched the coronation on television, impressed by the grand spectacle.
2. The coronation brought hope to the people in these challenging times.
3. Crowds were queuing for hours to catch a glimpse of the coronation parade.
4. The coronation sparked debates about the relevance of monarchy in modern times.
5. Historians consider her coronation as a significant event in the nation's history.
6. The king's coronation was followed by a week-long celebration across the country.
7. The coronation took place in the ancient cathedral, an emblem of the kingdom's past.
8. Despite the rain, people thronged the streets to celebrate the queen's coronation.
9. The coronation jewels shone brightly, symbolizing the power and prestige of the monarchy.
10. The prime minister attended the coronation as a representative of the government.
11. They released a commemorative coin to mark the prince's coronation.
12. The coronation was broadcast live, capturing the attention of millions globally.
13. Her coronation speech was inspiring, promising to serve her people with integrity.
14. The artist captured the coronation scene with skill, making it look almost real.

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