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Examples of 'coroner' in a Sentence

1. The county coroner handles all unexplained deaths in the area.
2. The detective consulted the coroner's report for vital clues.
3. The coroner's examination ruled out foul play in the accident.
4. The coroner confirmed that the deceased had died of natural causes.
5. The coroner's role is to provide an unbiased assessment of deaths.
6. The local news reported on the findings of the coroner.
7. They were awaiting the coroner's report to proceed with the case.
8. The family requested a copy of the coroner's report for their records.
9. A sudden death must be reported to the coroner.
10. The coroner ruled the death as accidental.
11. The police and the coroner worked closely to solve the mystery.
12. Her first job was as an assistant to the county coroner.
13. The coroner took photographs for evidence during the autopsy.
14. The coroner’s office was inundated with cases due to the accident.
15. She was interested in forensic science, so she applied for a job as a coroner.
16. The coroner stated that the cause of death was asphyxiation.
17. The coroner was called to testify at the murder trial.
18. There was a backlog of cases at the coroner's office.
19. The coroner had to identify the body using dental records.
20. The coroner confirmed that the deceased had no next of kin.
21. The car accident was so severe, the coroner was summoned immediately.
22. A funeral cannot be held until the coroner releases the body.
23. The coroner recommended further toxicology tests to confirm his suspicions.
24. The detective consulted with the coroner to better understand the victim's injuries.

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