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Examples of 'corporeal' in a Sentence

1. The surgeon skillfully repaired the patient's corporeal injuries.
2. The writer delved into the mysteries of the corporeal and metaphysical realms.
3. She sought a spiritual path that embraced both the corporeal and transcendent.
4. The athlete's training regimen was designed to optimize corporeal strength.
5. As humans, our corporeal existence is inseparable from our consciousness.
6. Quantum physics explores the mysteries of the corporeal world at its smallest scale.
7. The corporeal pleasures of fine dining brought joy to their evening.
8. The study of anatomy is crucial to understanding the intricacies of the corporeal body.
9. The explorer's adventures took him to the farthest reaches of corporeal existence.
10. Music has the power to evoke profound corporeal sensations and emotions.
11. Artists often seek inspiration from the corporeal experiences of everyday life.
12. The philosopher contemplated the impermanence of the corporeal world.
13. Through meditation, she achieved a heightened awareness of her corporeal self.
14. The poet's verses celebrated the corporeal and ephemeral nature of human existence.
15. Yoga can help you connect with your corporeal body.
16. The soul is said to be distinct from the corporeal body in many religious traditions.
17. The patient reported corporeal pain in their lower back.
18. The artist's work explores the relationship between the corporeal and the spiritual.
19. Eating a balanced diet is essential for maintaining a healthy corporeal form.
20. The book delves into the history of corporeal punishment in schools.
21. The monk sought to transcend his corporeal existence through meditation and self-denial.
22. The scientist studied the relationship between mental and corporeal health.
23. The surgeon performed a complex corporeal reconstruction on the patient.
24. The prisoner endured years of corporeal deprivation and solitary confinement.
25. The therapist encouraged her client to focus on the corporeal sensations in their body to reduce stress and anxiety.

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