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Examples of 'corpulent' in a Sentence

1. The tailor skillfully crafted a suit that flattered the corpulent man's figure, making him look sharp and confident.
2. The ancient statue depicted a corpulent deity associated with abundance and fertility.
3. The corpulent politician faced criticism for his lavish lifestyle, which contrasted with his promises of austerity.
4. The fitness center welcomed people of all shapes and sizes, offering programs tailored even to the corpulent.
5. The corpulent pug waddled happily through the park, its tongue lolling out in contentment.
6. The writer introduced a corpulent antagonist whose greed and excesses drove the plot's conflict.
7. The luxurious spa offered relaxing treatments to both the slim and the corpulent, promoting self-care for all.
8. The corpulent clouds gathered ominously in the sky, hinting at an impending storm.
9. The tailor shop specialized in creating elegant wedding dresses for both petite and corpulent brides.
10. The artist's caricatures often highlighted the quirks and characteristics of corpulent individuals in a lighthearted way.
11. The opulent mansion was filled with exquisite artwork and furnishings, creating a lavish atmosphere for the corpulent owner.
12. The corpulent merchant presided over a market stall laden with exotic fruits and rich pastries.
13. Despite the cold weather, the corpulent dog eagerly rolled in the snow, displaying unbridled joy.
14. The campfire stories often featured corpulent ghosts, adding a humorous and unexpected twist to the tales.

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