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Examples of 'corpus' in a Sentence


1. The archaeologist discovered an ancient textual corpus in the ruins.
2. The religious corpus contains sacred scriptures and religious texts.
3. The academic corpus of scientific articles is a valuable resource.
4. The software engineer used a corpus of code samples to develop the program.
5. The musical corpus includes compositions from various periods.
6. The historian analyzed a corpus of historical documents for insights.
7. The corpus of genetic data is essential for biologists.
8. The political scientist studied a corpus of speeches by leaders.
9. The literary critic explored the corpus of a famous author's works.
10. The linguistic corpus revealed language changes over time.
11. The paleontologist examined a corpus of fossilized remains.
12. The corpus of paintings by the artist spans a wide range of styles.
13. The environmentalist researched a corpus of climate data.
14. The corpus of classical music compositions showcases the masters.
15. The journalist referenced a corpus of articles for their research.
16. The corpus of architectural designs included blueprints and sketches.
17. The corpus of recipes in the cookbook featured diverse cuisines.
18. The corpus of religious texts spans various faith traditions.
19. The educational corpus of textbooks supports learning in schools.

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