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Examples of 'correspond' in a Sentence

1. The map shows how the different landmarks correspond to specific locations in the city.
2. His explanation did not correspond to the actual events that took place.
3. The author's writing style perfectly corresponds to my taste in literature.
4. The professor's lecture corresponds with the information presented in the textbook.
5. The survey responses received from the participants correspond to the trends observed in the market research.
6. We correspond regularly via email to stay connected.
7. The data must correspond with our research findings.
8. Her actions and words didn't correspond.
9. I'll correspond with the team to coordinate our efforts.
10. Please correspond with the client to confirm the details.
11. Our records should correspond with the inventory on hand.
12. The documents need to correspond for the audit to proceed.
13. The colors on the screen should correspond to the printout.
14. I'll correspond with the author to clarify the manuscript.
15. Their statements didn't correspond with the facts.
16. The map should correspond to the actual terrain.
17. It's essential that our plans correspond with their expectations.
18. Let's correspond regularly to keep each other updated.
19. The numbers must correspond for the financial report.
20. She'll correspond with you about the upcoming event.
21. His actions didn't correspond with his promises.
22. The translations need to correspond accurately.
23. Our timelines should correspond for a smooth project.
24. The product description should correspond to its features.
25. I'll correspond with the supplier to address the issue.

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