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Examples of 'corroborate' in a Sentence

1. The historian is trying to corroborate the authenticity of the artifact.
2. The surveillance footage will corroborate that he was at the store at the time of the robbery.
3. She presented data to corroborate her argument during the debate.
4. They are gathering feedback from users to corroborate the efficiency of the software.
5. The teacher will corroborate that I handed in my assignment on time.
6. The psychologist uses different assessments to corroborate the diagnosis.
7. The spy uses hidden cameras to corroborate the enemy's movements.
8. The accountant will corroborate the financial statements before the audit.
9. The developer uses tests to corroborate the stability of the code.
10. Witnesses at the scene corroborate that the suspect fled on foot.
11. The weather report seems to corroborate the farmer's prediction of rain.
12. The audio recordings corroborate the details provided by the whistleblower.
13. The evidence found at the crime scene corroborated the witness's testimony.
14. The witness's testimony will corroborate the defendant's alibi.
15. Scientific experiments aim to corroborate hypotheses with data.
16. We need more data to corroborate this groundbreaking discovery.
17. Eye-witness accounts often help corroborate police investigations.
18. Please provide documents that can corroborate your claims.
19. Experts were brought in to corroborate the authenticity of the artwork.
20. Multiple sources corroborate the accuracy of the historical account.
21. The fingerprint evidence will corroborate the suspect's presence.
22. Our findings corroborate the importance of early intervention.
23. Satellite imagery can corroborate weather forecasting models.
24. Researchers seek to corroborate their findings through peer review.


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