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Examples of 'corsair' in a Sentence


1. The corsair's flag, adorned with a menacing skull and crossbones, billowed in the wind as his ship approached the shore.
2. Corsair is a brand known for its high-quality computer peripherals.
3. The young boy’s eyes widened as he listened to the stories of the brave corsair defending his ship against the British fleet.
4. The corsair and his crew would celebrate their victories with songs and dances aboard their ship.
5. The students were assigned to write an essay on the role of corsairs in Mediterranean history.
6. The corsair's black ship struck fear into coastal towns during the 17th century.
7. A notorious corsair, Captain Blackbeard, terrorized the Mediterranean.
8. Corsairs, skilled in naval warfare, hunted for treasures on the high seas.
9. The corsair's crew swarmed ashore, seeking hidden riches in ancient ruins.
10. Mediterranean corsairs often flew the Jolly Roger as a symbol of their plunder.
11. Tales of corsair escapades captivated the imaginations of many storytellers.
12. The corsair's cutlass gleamed in the moonlight, ready for battle.
13. Corsairs prowled the coast, preying on merchant vessels and coastal villages.
14. A corsair's life was filled with danger and adventure on the open sea.
15. The corsair's flag bore a skull and crossbones, a symbol of their ruthlessness.
16. Corsairs relied on swift galleons to outrun pursuit by naval fleets.
17. In the 18th century, corsairs operated from North Africa to the English Channel.
18. The corsair's cunning tactics made him a formidable adversary.
19. Corsairs often sought refuge in hidden coves along the Mediterranean coast.
20. The corsair's treasure chest overflowed with gold and jewels.
21. Corsairs were both revered and reviled figures in maritime history.
22. A corsair's life was one of constant danger and high-stakes piracy.
23. Corsairs, masters of disguise, blended into coastal communities.
24. The corsair's reputation spread far and wide, striking fear into all who heard his name.
25. Many corsairs met their end on the gallows, paying the price for their lawless deeds.

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