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Examples of 'cosmos' in a Sentence


1. Cosmologists theorize about the expansion and evolution of the cosmos.
2. The concept of multiverses suggests the existence of parallel cosmoses beyond our own.
3. Studying the cosmos inspires awe and wonder at the vastness and complexity of the universe.
4. The cosmos is a constant source of inspiration for poets, artists, and philosophers alike.
5. The mysteries of the cosmos continue to captivate scientists, driving them to explore its secrets.
6. The cosmos stretches beyond our comprehension.
7. Astronomers explore the mysteries of the cosmos.
8. Contemplating the cosmos inspires awe and wonder.
9. The cosmos teems with countless galaxies and stars.
10. Cosmic phenomena like black holes defy explanation.
11. We strive to unravel the secrets of the cosmos.
12. The beauty of the cosmos is captured in astronomy.
13. Our place in the cosmos is a profound question.
14. Cosmic forces shape the evolution of galaxies.
15. Exploring the cosmos requires advanced telescopes.
16. The cosmos is a canvas of endless possibilities.
17. Cosmic rays are high-energy particles from space.
18. Space missions unveil the cosmos's hidden treasures.
19. The cosmos's vastness leaves us feeling small.
20. Cosmic collisions give birth to new celestial bodies.
21. Cosmic time scales dwarf human lifetimes.
22. The cosmos is a tapestry of light and dark matter.
23. Cosmologists seek to understand the cosmos's origin.
24. Cosmic expansion suggests an ever-growing universe.
25. The cosmos's grandeur fuels our quest for knowledge.

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