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Examples of 'counseling' in a Sentence

1. The group counseling session allowed participants to share their experiences and support one another.
2. The organization offers counseling services for individuals dealing with substance abuse.
3. The counseling program focuses on building resilience and coping skills in children.
4. The counseling session provided a space for her to explore her emotions and find healing.
5. The employee assistance program offers free counseling services for employees and their families.
6. Effective counseling can provide invaluable support during life's challenges.
7. She sought counseling to navigate the complexities of her relationships.
8. The counseling session helped him confront his deep-seated fears.
9. Counseling offers a safe space to discuss personal struggles openly.
10. Couples counseling can strengthen bonds and improve communication.
11. The therapist's counseling skills fostered a sense of trust and healing.
12. School counseling plays a vital role in students' emotional well-being.
13. Group counseling sessions encouraged shared experiences and growth.
14. The counseling center offers a range of mental health services.
15. In times of crisis, professional counseling can be a lifeline.
16. Effective counseling strategies vary based on individual needs.
17. Counseling empowers individuals to make positive life changes.
18. The importance of mental health counseling cannot be overstated.
19. They turned to marriage counseling to mend their relationship.
20. Career counseling helped him find his true vocational calling.
21. Counseling can provide tools for managing stress and anxiety.
22. The counselor's empathetic approach put clients at ease.
23. Online counseling has become increasingly popular and accessible.
24. Counseling sessions aim to uncover underlying emotional issues.
25. Counseling is an essential part of holistic mental well-being.

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