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Examples of 'countenance' in a Sentence

1. The politician maintained a composed countenance during the heated debate.
2. The old man's countenance displayed wisdom acquired through the years.
3. Her countenance lit up with joy upon seeing her long-lost friend.
4. The detective scrutinized the suspect's countenance for signs of guilt.
5. The soldier's resolute countenance reflected his dedication to duty.
6. The painting captured the enigmatic countenance of the Mona Lisa.
7. The children's mischievous countenances hinted at their secret plans.
8. The artist's work aimed to depict the countenance of a bygone era.
9. The detective's countenance remained impassive as he questioned the witness.
10. The funeral was marked by mournful countenances and tears.
11. The queen's regal countenance exuded grace and authority.
12. His countenance turned pale when he realized his mistake.
13. The patient's countenance revealed the toll of a long illness.
14. A welcoming countenance can make guests feel at ease.
15. The serene countenance of the Buddha statue inspired contemplation.
16. His countenance remained stoic despite the tragedy that had befallen him.
17. The actor's versatile countenance allowed him to portray various characters convincingly.
18. The leader's confident countenance rallied the team in times of adversity.
19. The performer's animated countenance drew the audience into the story.

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