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Examples of 'counter' in a Sentence

1. The activist seeks to counter the spread of misinformation with facts.
2. The professor aims to counter the students’ misconceptions with demonstrations.
3. The writer attempts to counter the criticism by providing further explanations.
4. The gardener uses natural remedies to counter pests in the garden.
5. The mayor plans to counter the rising unemployment with new initiatives.
6. The teacher will counter the classroom disruptions with strict rules.
7. The medical team utilizes antibiotics to counter the bacterial infection.
8. The organization strives to counter stereotypes through educational programs.
9. The engineer implements a new design to counter structural weaknesses.
10. The economist recommends policies to counter inflation during the recession.
11. The manager uses incentives to counter low employee morale.
12. The community group will counter the proposed construction with a petition.
13. The coach will counter the opposing team’s defense with a new strategy.
14. He countered her argument with solid evidence and logical reasoning.

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