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Examples of 'counterpart' in a Sentence

1. The detective searched for clues that had no counterpart in the case.
2. Her kindness finds no counterpart in the corporate world.
3. The prime minister's counterpart in the neighboring country is known for diplomacy.
4. The protagonist's moral values have a dark counterpart in the antagonist.
5. The singer's voice has no counterpart in contemporary music.
6. The character's quirks have a humorous counterpart in the sitcom.
7. The online store's physical counterpart is a bustling retail location.
8. The superhero's arch-nemesis is a formidable counterpart.
9. The female lead in the movie has a male counterpart in the plot.
10. The earth's natural beauty has no counterpart in the universe.
11. The team's defense was the perfect counterpart to the opponent's offense.
12. The scientist sought a chemical counterpart to the rare element.
13. The professor's lecture had no counterpart in terms of enthusiasm.
14. The project manager overseas has a local counterpart who assists.
15. The CEO's counterpart at the rival company has just announced their retirement.
16. The finance department's counterpart in HR has just informed us of some changes to the payroll system.
17. The company's new advertising campaign in Europe is being managed by my counterpart in the Paris office.
18. I'm meeting with my counterpart from the customer service team to discuss some issues with our product.
19. The marketing team's counterpart in the Asia-Pacific region has reported strong sales growth this quarter.
20. The government's health minister is scheduled to meet with her counterpart from the neighboring country to discuss cross-border healthcare issues.
21. My counterpart at the nonprofit organization is responsible for coordinating volunteer activities and fundraising events.
22. The sales team's counterpart in the manufacturing division is responsible for ensuring that production meets demand.
23. The software company's technical support team is coordinating with its counterpart in the hardware division to troubleshoot a compatibility issue.
24. My counterpart in the legal department is responsible for reviewing and drafting contracts for our organization.

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