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Examples of 'coup-d'état' in a Sentence

1. A coup d'état can disrupt a country's political landscape.
2. Coup d'états have historical implications for nations.
3. The coup d'état resulted in a change of leadership.
4. Foreign nations condemned the violent coup d'état.
5. Government officials were arrested in the coup d'état.
6. The coup d'état shattered the nation's peace.
7. The coup d'état prompted international intervention.
8. A coup d'état requires careful planning and execution.
9. The coup d'état left the country in turmoil.
10. Repercussions of the coup d'état were felt for years.
11. The coup d'état led to a period of authoritarian rule.
12. Coup d'états can have profound societal consequences.
13. The coup d'état was met with resistance from civilians.
14. Political analysts debated the motives behind the coup d'état.
15. The coup d'etat was successful and the dictator was overthrown.
16. The coup d'etat was planned for months by a group of military officers.
17. He was exiled after the failed coup d'etat.
18. She was a key player in the coup d'etat that brought the new government to power.
19. The coup d'etat was met with resistance from the loyalists.
20. He was executed for his role in the coup d'etat.
21. She was appointed as the head of the new government after the coup d'etat.
22. The coup d'etat was carried out with the support of foreign powers.
23. He was arrested for plotting a coup d'etat against the government.
24. She was a vocal opponent of the coup d'etat and supported the legitimate government.
25. The coup d'etat was widely condemned by the international community.


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