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Examples of 'courtesy' in a Sentence

1. Courtesy on the road can make traffic more manageable.
2. He thanked the waiter for his courtesy during the meal.
3. In business, courtesy in client interactions builds trust.
4. The teacher taught students the importance of courtesy.
5. A small act of courtesy can lead to a big change in someone's mood.
6. Courtesy is the foundation of civil discourse.
7. Her courtesy in resolving conflicts was commendable.
8. The politician's courtesy in addressing constituents won their support.
9. The company values courtesy in all customer interactions.
10. A courteous email response shows professionalism.
11. Courtesy in public spaces contributes to a harmonious community.
12. The ambassador extended diplomatic courtesy to foreign dignitaries.
13. The airline staff provided assistance with courtesy and efficiency.
14. Expressing gratitude is a courtesy we should practice daily.
15. The coach emphasized teamwork and courtesy on the field.
16. The employee handbook outlines guidelines for workplace courtesy.
17. Demonstrating courtesy to elders is a cultural tradition.
18. Basic courtesy includes saying "please" and "thank you."
19. Teaching children courtesy is an investment in their future social skills.

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