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Examples of 'covenant' in a Sentence

1. A legal covenant ensures that property rights are respected.
2. In real estate, a restrictive covenant can dictate land use.
3. The covenant between the two nations promoted cooperation on various issues.
4. The financial covenant stipulates regular loan repayments.
5. A covenant was violated, leading to a breach of contract lawsuit.
6. They signed a confidentiality covenant to protect sensitive information.
7. The ancient covenant between tribes remains a symbol of unity.
8. Homeowners must adhere to the neighborhood's covenant on property maintenance.
9. The covenant of non-competition prevented employees from working for competitors.
10. The peace treaty included a disarmament covenant.
11. A breach of the covenant resulted in legal consequences.
12. A social covenant emphasizes community welfare and cooperation.
13. The healthcare provider adheres to a privacy covenant to protect patient data.
14. Covenant enforcement ensures compliance with legal obligations.
15. The covenant between the two countries was a pledge of mutual defense.
16. The covenant was signed and delivered by the covenantor to the covenantee.
17. He was a party to the covenant and had agreed to its terms.
18. The covenant between the two religions was a promise of mutual respect and tolerance.
19. The covenant between the landlord and tenant outlined the terms of the rental agreement.
20. The covenant between the two parties was a binding legal agreement.
21. He was involved in drafting the covenant that established the new nation.
22. The covenant between the company and the union ensured fair treatment of workers.
23. The covenant between the two organizations was a commitment to work together.
24. The covenant between the two individuals was a promise of marriage.
25. The covenant between the company and the government was a contract for services.
26. The covenant was a sacred promise to God.


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