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Examples of 'covert' in a Sentence

1. The agency specialized in covert operations, often working under deep cover.
2. Some celebrities have covert social media profiles to interact without fame's glare.
3. To pass the guards undetected, he used covert tactics and disguises.
4. The bookstore had a covert meeting space for those in-the-know.
5. Beneath his jovial exterior, he held covert resentments toward his peers.
6. The city's covert history was filled with tales of intrigue and espionage.
7. There was a covert understanding between them, a pact they never voiced aloud.
8. While the party raged upstairs, a covert deal was struck in the basement.
9. In the dim alley, they exchanged covert messages, ensuring no one noticed.
10. Her diary contained covert revelations that she never dared to share aloud.
11. Amid the bustling market, covert transactions occurred away from prying eyes.
12. The village harbored a covert resistance movement against the oppressive regime.
13. Despite the open debates, the real power dynamics remained covert and concealed.
14. The spy operated with covert precision, unnoticed by the enemy.
15. The secret mission required a covert approach under the cover of darkness.
16. She discovered a covert hideaway deep within the forest.
17. The covert surveillance revealed their clandestine activities.
18. The organization had a covert agenda known only to a few.
19. He possessed a covert talent for deciphering codes.
20. The covert operation remained classified for years.
21. A covert smile passed between them during the meeting.
22. They exchanged covert glances at the unexpected news.
23. The document was hidden in a covert compartment.
24. The covert plan aimed to expose the truth without detection.

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