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Examples of 'covet' in a Sentence

1. Ancient wisdom teaches us not to covet material wealth.
2. She tried to hide how much she would covet a promotion.
3. Some people covet fame, while others seek a simple life.
4. If you covet success, be prepared to put in the effort.
5. To covet another’s success without recognizing their hard work is unfair.
6. The players all covet the championship trophy.
7. He warned her not to covet false idols.
8. We shouldn’t covet praise; rather we should earn it through good deeds.
9. People often covet what they perceive as a perfect life on social media.
10. Too many people covet the idea of instant riches without appreciating the value of hard work.
11. Those who covet wisdom are always eager to learn.
12. They covet the freedom that comes with financial independence.
13. Many young actors covet the roles in big blockbuster movies.
14. In the game, players often covet rare items for their characters.

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