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Examples of 'covetous' in a Sentence

1. The covetous old man refused to share his rare book collection with anyone.
2. She had a covetous glint in her eyes whenever she looked at her sister's designer dresses.
3. The dragon, covetous of gold, hoarded treasures in its lair.
4. His covetous behaviors were growing more apparent as the auction came to a close.
5. Covetous of her brother's success, she worked tirelessly to outdo him.
6. The covetous woman always yearned for things she didn't have.
7. Beware of covetous people who are never satisfied with what they own.
8. Her covetous tendencies were quite off-putting to her friends.
9. He was a covetous man, always desiring something more and never content.
10. Despite his humble surroundings, he felt covetous of those with less.
11. In his covetous ambition, he lost sight of what truly mattered.
12. Her covetous gaze lingered on the luxurious car passing by.
13. His covetous wish to own the rare artifact led him to a life of crime.
14. The covetous child always wanted more toys, regardless of how many he already had.


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