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Examples of 'coy' in a Sentence


1. His coy compliments made her blush and feel desired.
2. The politician employed coy tactics to avoid giving a direct answer to the question.
3. She wore a coy and mysterious expression, leaving everyone intrigued.
4. The coy behavior of the cat, pretending disinterest before pouncing on its prey, was fascinating to observe.
5. He couldn't resist her coy invitation to join her for a drink.
6. Her coy smile hinted at secrets hidden beneath a reserved exterior.
7. The actress adopted a coy demeanor to captivate the audience.
8. He played the role of a coy seducer in the romantic film.
9. Sarah's coy glances across the room left him intrigued.
10. The novel's protagonist had a coy charm that fascinated everyone.
11. A coy wink and a sly grin revealed her playful side.
12. The coy flirtation between them was palpable in the air.
13. His coy compliments made her heart flutter with anticipation.
14. The mysterious stranger's coy allure drew people in.
15. She spoke in a coy tone, leaving him guessing her intentions.
16. The coy beauty of the sunset painted the sky with soft hues.
17. He couldn't resist her coy request for a dance.
18. The coy detective left breadcrumbs of clues for the curious.
19. A coy message in the bottle sparked curiosity among beachgoers.
20. Her coy laughter hinted at a mischievous sense of humor.
21. The coy introduction set the stage for an intriguing conversation.
22. The forest had a coy charm, hiding its secrets in the shadows.
23. With a coy glance, she lured him into her web of mystery.
24. His coy confession of love took her by surprise.
25. The coy artist used subtlety to convey profound emotions.


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