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Examples of 'crafty' in a Sentence

1. The crafty detective pieced together the clues to solve the mysterious crime.
2. The crafty child managed to sneak an extra cookie without anyone noticing.
3. The crafty artist transformed ordinary materials into stunning works of art.
4. She used her crafty sewing skills to create a beautiful dress from scrap fabric.
5. The crafty entrepreneur came up with an innovative marketing strategy to boost sales.
6. The crafty detective solved the complex case with his keen observation.
7. A crafty strategist always finds a way to outsmart the competition.
8. She employed a crafty negotiation tactic to secure a favorable deal.
9. Crafty hackers exploited vulnerabilities in the system's security.
10. The crafty inventor devised a revolutionary new gadget.
11. A crafty escape plan allowed the prisoners to evade capture.
12. Crafty artists can turn ordinary materials into stunning creations.
13. The crafty cat managed to open the door with its clever paws.
14. A crafty politician knows how to win over constituents with charisma.
15. The crafty chef prepared a gourmet meal using simple ingredients.
16. The crafty entrepreneur saw an opportunity where others saw none.
17. Crafty spies operate discreetly to gather vital information.
18. Crafty individuals can adapt to challenging situations effortlessly.
19. The crafty competitor always finds a way to gain an advantage.
20. A crafty illusionist wows audiences with mind-bending tricks.
21. The crafty student aced the test through diligent preparation.
22. Crafty writers craft compelling stories that captivate readers.
23. The crafty angler caught the biggest fish of the day.
24. A crafty mechanic can fix almost any car problem with skill.

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