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Examples of 'crater' in a Sentence

1. The archaeologists discovered ancient artifacts buried deep within the buried crater.
2. The meteorite created a crater in the lake, causing a large splash and ripples.
3. The visitors stood at the edge of the meteor crater, amazed by its sheer size.
4. The impact of the comet created a massive crater, leaving a visible scar on the landscape.
5. The astronauts descended into the lunar crater, studying the geological features and collecting samples.
6. The lunar landscape is dotted with countless craters from asteroid impacts.
7. Scientists study Mars' Gale Crater in search of ancient signs of life.
8. The meteor created a massive crater upon impact with Earth.
9. Astronauts marveled at the vastness of the lunar crater.
10. A telescope revealed the intricate details of a distant planet's crater.
11. The asteroid left a deep crater on the asteroid's surface.
12. The spacecraft landed safely in the Martian crater.
13. The lunar crater's shadows hid mysteries waiting to be uncovered.
14. A volcanic eruption formed a new crater on the island.
15. Geologists explored the enormous Yellowstone Caldera, a supervolcano crater.
16. The moon's Tycho Crater is famous for its striking rays.
17. The rover explored the Martian crater for signs of water.
18. A celestial collision left an enormous crater on Jupiter's surface.
19. The ancient impact crater held clues to Earth's geological history.
20. Astronomers discovered a distant exoplanet with a massive crater.
21. The spacecraft collected samples from the asteroid's surface crater.
22. The meteor impact created a crater lake in the desert.
23. The asteroid's impact created a crater that altered the landscape.
24. The asteroid narrowly missed Earth, leaving only a small crater.
25. Scientists theorize that a comet impact caused the dinosaur extinction crater.

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