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Examples of 'craving' in a Sentence

1. The sight of the ocean waves awakened a deep craving for a seaside getaway.
2. As soon as he smelled the barbecue, a craving for grilled ribs consumed him.
3. The anticipation of a mouthwatering steak ignited a fierce craving in him.
4. The advertisement showcased a juicy burger, creating an instant craving in viewers.
5. Her intense craving for affection led her to seek comfort in the embrace of loved ones.
6. Her craving for chocolate was irresistible after a long day.
7. The scent of fresh-baked bread awakened a deep craving.
8. He had a relentless craving for adventure and exploration.
9. A craving for solitude led her to the tranquil forest.
10. The aroma of coffee triggered a strong morning craving.
11. His craving for success fueled his relentless determination.
12. She couldn't ignore her craving for spicy Mexican cuisine.
13. The traveler had an insatiable craving for new experiences.
14. A sudden craving for ice cream sent him to the dessert shop.
15. His craving for knowledge drove him to read countless books.
16. The artist had a creative craving for vibrant colors.
17. A craving for serenity led her to the peaceful beach.
18. The musician's craving for harmony shaped his compositions.
19. He couldn't resist the craving for a warm, cheesy pizza.
20. A craving for justice motivated her to become a lawyer.
21. The athlete had an unyielding craving for victory.
22. A sudden craving for nostalgia led to a trip down memory lane.
23. His craving for music led him to learn multiple instruments.
24. The chef's craving for innovation inspired unique dishes.
25. A craving for connection prompted her to call an old friend.

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