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Examples of 'crazed' in a Sentence

1. She stared at her reflection in the mirror, her eyes wide and crazed with fear.
2. The crazed scientist worked tirelessly in his laboratory, conducting bizarre experiments in pursuit of his groundbreaking theories.
3. The crazed laughter echoed through the empty hallways, sending chills down the spines of anyone who heard it.
4. He wore a crazed expression on his face, his eyes darting around as if searching for an unseen threat.
5. The crazed storm wreaked havoc on the town, leaving behind a path of destruction and chaos.
6. The crazed crowd surged forward, eager for a glimpse of the rock star.
7. His crazed laughter echoed through the empty, dimly lit hallway.
8. The crazed driver weaved recklessly through traffic, endangering others.
9. She wore a crazed expression as she confronted her fear of heights.
10. The storm's fury left a trail of crazed destruction in its wake.
11. His crazed obsession with collecting rare coins consumed his life.
12. The crazed look in her eyes hinted at a deeper emotional turmoil.
13. The crazed animal charged at the hikers, teeth bared and snarling.
14. The crazed artist's masterpiece was a chaotic explosion of colors.
15. In the midst of battle, he wore a crazed grin, fearless and fierce.
16. The crazed winds howled through the night, rattling windows.
17. His crazed determination drove him to climb the treacherous peak.
18. The crazed villain's elaborate plot sent shockwaves through the city.
19. A crazed hunger gripped him as he stared at the mouthwatering dessert.
20. The crazed inventor's contraption sparked and sputtered erratically.
21. She watched in horror as the crazed driver sped through red lights.
22. The crazed fan's adoration for the actor knew no bounds.
23. The crazed excitement of the festival was contagious and electrifying.
24. His crazed ambition led him to take risky and irrational decisions.
25. A crazed thunderstorm unleashed torrents of rain and lightning.


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