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Examples of 'credence' in a Sentence

1. In court, eyewitness testimony can carry significant credence.
2. The CEO's endorsement gave credence to the new product's quality.
3. The historical artifact provided tangible credence to the ancient civilization's existence.
4. Skeptics often challenge claims without substantial evidentiary credence.
5. Credence is crucial when establishing trust in business relationships.
6. The expert's credentials provided additional credence to their analysis.
7. The authenticity of the ancient manuscript lent credence to its historical significance.
8. Public opinion polls gain credence when conducted by reputable organizations.
9. Anonymous sources can hinder the credence of a news story.
10. Credence in the justice system relies on impartial judges and fair trials.
11. The academic paper garnered credence due to its thorough research methodology.
12. Unsubstantiated rumors lack credence in serious discussions.
13. A strong case requires both evidence and credible witnesses to gain credence.
14. The politician's frequent flip-flopping eroded public credence in their leadership.
15. Transparency and honesty are essential for maintaining credence in government.
16. Peer-reviewed studies hold more credence in the scientific community.
17. Ethical behavior and integrity enhance one's credence in the workplace.
18. Credence is often built on a foundation of consistency and reliability.
19. In journalism, fact-checking is vital for maintaining the credence of news stories.

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