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Examples of 'credulity' in a Sentence


1. Credulity can be manipulated by those with malicious intent.
2. A critical thinker questions claims to avoid undue credulity.
3. The snake oil salesman thrived on the credulity of the gullible.
4. Credulity often accompanies a lack of critical thinking.
5. The cult leader preyed on the credulity of his followers.
6. The scam artist targeted those with high credulity.
7. Credulity can lead to disappointment when promises aren't fulfilled.
8. The conspiracy theory relied on widespread credulity.
9. Education and critical thinking can reduce credulity.
10. Credulity can be exploited by those in positions of power.
11. Her credulity made her an easy target for manipulation.
12. He questioned everything to avoid falling into credulity.
13. Credulity can be costly when investing in fraudulent schemes.
14. The politician relied on the public's credulity to gain support.
15. His credulity was evident when he believed in the miracle cure.
16. The salesperson took advantage of her credulity and sold her a useless product.
17. His argument was based on the credulity of the audience.
18. The success of the conspiracy theory relied on the credulity of its followers.
19. Her credulity was exposed when she fell for the internet scam.
20. The politician used the people's credulity to advance his own agenda.
21. His stories were hard to believe, but his friend's credulity made him a great storyteller.
22. The cult leader manipulated the credulity of his followers for his own benefit.
23. The urban legend spread because of people's credulity.
24. The skeptic challenged the speaker's credibility and the audience's credulity.
25. The journalist was skeptical of the source's claims, and their credulity made her doubt their credibility.

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