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Examples of 'credulous' in a Sentence

1. The charlatan exploited the credulous crowd by selling them useless and overpriced products.
2. His credulous mindset made him susceptible to conspiracy theories and unfounded rumors.
3. The self-proclaimed psychic relied on the credulousness of her clients to profit from their desperation.
4. The internet is filled with misinformation, and the credulous often fall victim to its allure.
5. The cult leader manipulated the credulous followers by appealing to their fears and offering false hope.
6. The credulous child believed in fairy tales with unwavering faith.
7. Some scam artists prey on credulous individuals for quick gains.
8. Her credulous nature made her susceptible to conspiracy theories.
9. Credulous people tend to fall for internet hoaxes and misinformation.
10. He was often taken advantage of due to his credulous disposition.
11. Credulous investors fell for the fraudulent scheme hook, line, and sinker.
12. The cult leader manipulated the credulous followers with false promises.
13. Credulous consumers often fall for deceptive marketing tactics.
14. Critical thinking can protect against credulous acceptance of myths.
15. The con artist exploited the credulous tourist's trust.
16. Credulous students accepted the rumor without verifying facts.
17. Credulous voters were swayed by empty campaign promises.
18. A credulous approach to medicine can lead to dangerous choices.
19. Credulous individuals readily believe in paranormal phenomena.
20. The credulous audience applauded the magician's impossible tricks.
21. She grew less credulous as life taught her to be more skeptical.
22. Credulous individuals are vulnerable to persuasive manipulation.
23. The credulous employee fell for the phishing email scam.
24. Credulous readers devoured the sensationalist tabloid stories.
25. Education can help people become less credulous and more discerning.

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