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Examples of 'creed' in a Sentence

1. The creed of environmental conservation resonates deeply with many activists.
2. Their family creed values loyalty and respect above all else.
3. The warrior recited his battle creed before charging into the fray.
4. The national creed is a testament to the shared values of our citizens.
5. The scientific creed demands rigorous experimentation and evidence.
6. She found solace in the teachings of her spiritual creed.
7. The creed of perseverance drives athletes to achieve greatness.
8. The film director adhered to a creative creed that celebrated unconventional storytelling.
9. The business creed of customer satisfaction led to exponential growth.
10. The educational creed here encourages critical thinking and curiosity.
11. The creed of forgiveness and compassion is central to many religions.
12. The creed of minimalism advocates a clutter-free and intentional lifestyle.
13. The creed of self-improvement motivates individuals to evolve and excel.
14. His creed, full of hope and love, inspires millions globally.
15. A warrior’s creed: courage, honor, and unwavering loyalty.
16. Their shared creed binds them, a foundation of unity and strength.
17. In this political party, a progressive creed is the backbone.
18. Artists have a creed too, one of creativity and expression.
19. Her creed is simple: kindness, respect, and endless learning.
20. A creed of innovation powers Silicon Valley's tech giants.
21. Their creed of freedom resonates through generations.
22. In his heart, a creed of justice and equality prevails.
23. A peacekeeper’s creed centers on protection and aid.
24. The environmentalist's creed: respect and preserve nature.

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