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Examples of 'crestfallen' in a Sentence

1. His crestfallen demeanor revealed the impact of rejection.
2. The chef was crestfallen when the soufflé collapsed.
3. Their crestfallen faces told the story of the lost championship.
4. She tried to hide her crestfallen emotions with a smile.
5. The explorer was crestfallen after not finding the treasure.
6. His crestfallen spirit needed a boost after the setback.
7. The team's crestfallen captain addressed the loss with grace.
8. The artist was crestfallen when her masterpiece was stolen.
9. Despite their efforts, they were left crestfallen by the news.
10. He felt crestfallen when his proposal was rejected.
11. The scientist was crestfallen by the failed experiment.
12. Her crestfallen mood improved after a friend's comforting words.
13. The athlete's crestfallen expression mirrored his defeat.
14. The students were crestfallen when the field trip was canceled.
15. His crestfallen expression revealed the bad news he had received.
16. She was crestfallen when she found out she didn't get the job.
17. The team was crestfallen after losing the championship game.
18. Her crestfallen face showed that she was struggling with her self-esteem.
19. The crestfallen look in his eyes told her he had been rejected.
20. The student was crestfallen after receiving a failing grade.
21. The actor was crestfallen when he learned he didn't get the part.
22. His crestfallen posture showed that he had lost his motivation.
23. The athlete was crestfallen after missing the winning shot.
24. The child was crestfallen when she didn't win the spelling bee.
25. His crestfallen expression turned to determination as he decided to try again.

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