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Examples of 'crevasse' in a Sentence

1. The explorer marveled at the stunning blue hue of the crevasse's icy walls.
2. The climber managed to bridge the crevasse by leaping across with a running start.
3. The team set up camp near a towering crevasse, providing a breathtaking view of the glacial landscape.
4. The adventurers descended into the crevasse to study its unique ice formations.
5. The experienced mountaineer taught the novices how to use crampons to safely navigate crevassed terrain.
6. The mountaineers crossed a treacherous crevasse on their ascent.
7. A hidden crevasse posed a danger to the expedition.
8. The guide warned of crevasses lurking beneath the pristine snow.
9. Climbing gear is essential to navigate icy crevasses safely.
10. They secured themselves with ropes to cross the gaping crevasse.
11. The explorers marveled at the beauty of the glacial crevasses.
12. Falling into a crevasse is a mountaineer's worst nightmare.
13. The deep crevasse split the glacier in two.
14. The team's expertise helped them bridge the dangerous crevasse.
15. Ice axes are vital tools for testing crevasse stability.
16. The crevasse's icy walls glistened in the morning sun.
17. His foot slipped near the crevasse's edge, but he regained balance.
18. They navigated a labyrinth of crevasses to reach the summit.
19. A crevasse rescue mission was launched to save the trapped climber.
20. The crevasse's depths held secrets of ancient ice formations.
21. Snow bridges can be unstable, concealing crevasses below.
22. She gazed into the crevasse, awestruck by its sheer depth.
23. Mountaineers must undergo crevasse rescue training for safety.
24. A crevasse map was essential for their glacier trek.
25. Falling into a crevasse is a chilling mountaineering hazard.


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