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Examples of 'crevice' in a Sentence

1. The geologist examined the minerals within the rock crevice.
2. His finger traced a crevice in the ancient stone tablet.
3. She spotted a rare flower nestled in a crevice on the cliff.
4. A rustling sound emerged from the crevice in the old wall.
5. The hiker's foot got wedged in a narrow crevice on the trail.
6. A beam of sunlight illuminated the crevice in the cave's ceiling.
7. The archaeologist discovered pottery shards in the crevice.
8. The explorer carefully navigated the crevice in the glacier.
9. The spider built its web in the dark crevice of the basement.
10. Moisture seeped through the crevice, creating a small stream.
11. The climber secured his anchor in the crevice of the rock.
12. In the deep crevice, they found a hidden chamber with ancient art.
13. A whisper echoed from the crevice, sending shivers down his spine.
14. A map was hidden in the crevice, revealing buried treasure.
15. The rock climber found a crevice to rest in during their ascent.
16. The mouse darted into the crevice to escape the cat.
17. The hiker's foot got stuck in a crevice, causing them to lose their balance.
18. The archaeologist discovered a hidden artifact in a crevice in the wall.
19. The ivy plant found a home in a crevice on the brick wall.
20. The bat roosted in a crevice in the cave ceiling during the day.
21. The mountaineer had to squeeze through a narrow crevice to reach the summit.
22. The builder filled the crevice in the foundation to prevent water seepage.
23. The spider spun its web across the crevice to catch prey.
24. The geologist examined the minerals in the crevice of the cliff face.
25. The adventurer followed the map to find treasure hidden in a crevice in the mountain.

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